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Prescription drug habit

Posted by Linz4785 on 13 September 2014.

My son was a normal lad, working as an apprentice welder at 17 . Then he started at a gym and some bloke told him the easiest way to get a good shape and not be skinny any more by using steroids. Well after that (did not know this info at the time) he dabbled in a few things. Tried to keep a relationship going with one son. In between leaving them through his behaviour and spells of prison. Now my son is 32 . He keeps buying prescribed drugs off the internet for his use and to sell to make some money. He has now been diagnosed with a mental illness through what he has put into his body. I try to help him even when he shouts at me. He is very paranoid and can be aggressive in a verbal way.  I've tried getting him help with a drugs counsellor , I've tried getting him work, I've lent him money. He could not hold down a job , it is so heartbreaking looking at him and seeing my son who is virtually unrecognisable . I can't sit and do nothing , but what can I do I have 4 other children who are a lot younger . He lives in a room surrounded by drug users. He has been back home but he stole from us and I have to protect the others from his behaviour . He is an adult but he is not capable of sorting himself . I have tried staying away but I fear for his safety and I love him so much.


14 Sep 2014

Find a support group and get some help...he is 32 and as such an adult....the hardest thing for us parents to do is stand back and stop enabling, but it was the best thing I son is in the process of turning things around...he has been really trying in the last 9 weeks..even got off his arse and got a job...did 18 hours overtime this week..for us that's amazing, and because He us trying we are supporting...he had relapsed once , but got straight back on it...and yes we know he could relapse at ant time.....but he. Knows if he goes back, then we remove all the's his responsibility to heal himself....we can only support....heart breaking but very real! Addiction has to be owned by the didn't choose to live it......take real care of yourself and the other children at home ..because they need you as well.....hugs Hunni, and stay strong xxxx

14 Sep 2014

Thank you for your reply. Maybe I have known the answer is down to him, but people who meet him, then feel sorry for him and try to help as they think he has been left all alone and presume his family have deserted him and try to help him. Then I end up telling them he's not on his own , we have done this and tried that  as it makes me feel guilty that we might not of done everything we could of. But coming from someone who really knows it does make me feel better  as you know how it makes you feel inside. Thank you  for listening

14 Sep 2014

The guilt does eat you up, and plenty have said it was our fault....well here's a news's not our fault...he comes from a loving family, who have always worked hard..shown him right from wrong..and I bet that mirrors your family....I don't give a flying fig what people think any more...I'm happy in the knowledge that I have done everything in my power to help...all I can do now is support him whilst he is trying to stay sound like a very loving parent at the end of the road..and that's ok....only he can change things...and that's the worst thing about this terrible illness....hugs to you, and here if you ever need to chat....praying for all those addicts out there and families xxx

14 Sep 2014

Hi Linz,

As "Can't Take No More" said, it must be so difficult helping someone who is an adult with a problem such as this.  I know you said that he has received counselling, but have you?  And your family?  The Icarus Trust is here to help the families as well as the users we clearly addiction has countless consequences.  If you would like someone to speak to, you can contact them via email on info@icarustrust,org or on the website (

I hope this of some help for you.

14 Sep 2014

Thank you both so much
Will contact that. Website thank you x

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