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Relapsed but he will get there

Posted by CANT TAKE NO MORE on 23 August 2014.

Hi all , many of you will know my sons story....he has been an addict of alcohol, cocaine, m cat, legal seems he changes one addiction for another, but one thing is prevelant and that is alcohol....and I've heard every sick lie going....4 years on around 6 months ago, I made a decision to stop enabling him, and discussed the situation with the rest of the family.....he had been doing really well, keeping appointments , getting help to get back to work...then WEdnesday I saw the signs ..irritable, wanting to lend cue to try a discussion on how well he had done, not high jacking his progress, all to no avail.....cut to Saturday morning, when I receive a phone call saying he felt response was to remind him if he had been drinking and doing drugs! what did he expect! and if he got worse to get to the hospital.....I sound so cold! but I will not play a part in his addiction any more and run to help....I'm devastated he has relapsed.....but he knows my help and support come at a price??and that is when he isn't miss using.....I hope he gets back on it??time will tell??and yes I love him, and know this must be the hardest thing he gas to's praying for all those addicts out there xxxx


23 Aug 2014

Hugs to you and your son.xxxx

23 Aug 2014

You dont sound cold. I just think you get to a point when you have to say enough is enough. I only read about enabling the other day after a girl on here  mentioned it and could'nt believe how I fitted the profile of an enabler it was like after all these years I saw what I was doing and thought no more. Never felt this strong before but I like it I have detached myself from the addiction and feel so much better for it. Thank you to this site and to people like yourself sharing their stories.

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