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Smoking cannibis and taking tablets and alcholol

Posted by Basher on 14 May 2014.

My son is 15 and we are convinced he is taking drugs and drinking, he goes to one of his school friends house when he doesn't see his girlfriend and the difference in him is terrible his eyes are glazed and he is slurring , he has stolen off us numerous but we mostly we find it, can some advice me what to do I'm at my whits end with him he does have attachment disorder and we adopted him when he was a baby .


14 May 2014

Hey Basher, you have so much to think about right now, so where to start....I do know that young teens with attachment disorder have so many things going on...Trust issues, feeling worthless, finding it hard to get close to anyone...that may be your starting point... It does sound like he may be dabbling with some form of drug..could this be to try and fit in???Especially as you say its only when he goes to his friends house...... As he is 15  you are still responsible for him, so I would try and talk with him calmly. THEN get tough. No money, no going round this certain persons house......dont give up on fighting for him, he is so obviously worth it.....please please please stay strong for him and keep instilling that you believe in him and he is worth so much more . Hugs xx

sad and tired
15 May 2014

sounds like he could be dabbling with cannabis, stealing needs a hard line, I let my son get away with stealing from me because I didn't want to criminalise him (he was a bit older) I should have had him arrested looking back maybe I wouldn't be going through what I am now if I had.
Who says your son has an attachment disorder, if he was a baby when he came to you, he should have attached to you, an attachment disorder can be rectified and I am sure the love you have shown him over the years will have done that.  Don't  let him hear that please.  It is easy to blame his birth parents and early start in life but sometimes it is just that kids are experimenting, he is 15 after all and there is a lot of peer pressure.  Keep loving him, tell him often and be strong. xxx

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