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so confused

Posted by pavnicky on 17 October 2014.

I found out 4 weeks that my husband of 16 years has a coccaine addiction, which subsequently cost him his job and a possible criminal record. Since then i have felt so isolated and alone.  I had supected in the past but he always shot me down and made me feel like it was me that had the problem.  We have two daughters and i feel like i have failed in my role as protector.  Now i dont know how to behave or feel.  I feel so so alone.


17 Oct 2014

Hunni, hugs to's hard finding out the person you love with all your heart is an addict....and your husband is like most addicts, a really good liar....what I would say is find out as much as you can about addiction, get help for yourself, because family watching them, live the nightmare too....look after your girls and yourself....and please don't think you have failed , you haven't.......the fact you now know, is part of getting tougher.....talking to others strengthened me, and I was able to get things clearer in my head.....the hard part is that we can only support, because it's their fight....if they want it! God bless

21 Oct 2014


'CANT TAKE NO MORE' is right, this is the first step and you haven't failed as a mother or a human being.  You can get help with The Icarus Trust, they have Family Friends who can provide support and help to find you more support.  You can drop them an email on or visit their website which has lots of information about what they do.

I hope this is a good start for you, and I wish you all the best!

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