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So Heartbroken

Posted by bluexxx on 14 July 2014.

My dear uncle passed away on Sunday he suffered terribly. 
My uncle was a alcoholic and drank extreme amounts each and every day, the hospital told him 6 years ago to quit drinking otherwise he would die but it ended up killing him and I'm totally destroyed. He suffered liver failure and all of his organs closed down and he passed away. He was only 56 years old. 
He stopped drinking 3 weeks prior but it was too late bless his heart. 

My brother who is nearly 21 stopped drinking for 2 weeks it was the best time of my life, the abuse had stopped the family were happy and our home felt like a normal one, but he too has gone back to alcohol he said he wanted to grow up to be just like our uncle, but now he has died and it was too late to save himself, my brother has chose drink over us and preferred to get out of his head than come with us to visit my uncle the day he passed. 

It's like a disease is our family most of my family have died due to sclorris of the liver And my brother is walking in there foot steps. 

I do feel alone I do feel like a target but I have tried to say my brother from his addiction but In the process I am killing myself... 

Stress and constant fear is making me so poorly my parents say they love him and I should just leave him to burst and get angry & there get help for him and for me not to take his abuse to heart 
But it's because I love him that I shouldn't haveto suffer and that I should seek help for our family before he kills us all x

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