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Posted by CANT TAKE NO MORE on 9 April 2014.

This morning I took a stand......I went to all my son's selective  mates and told them not to contact him at all... The weekend we had was one of the worst....I showed them all a  video clip of him (which I had done on my phone) of him being incoherant, and yelling and screaming at us.....they were shocked!!! I told them if they had any decency they wouldstay away and , not give him anything.. I also told them that even though they took their rubbish once or twice a week, it still made them dependant on them......One of the women, who is a mother herself, looked as if she  was going to  burst out crying...I begged her to sort herself out for her child.. Now i'm not naive enough to know that they will stay away, but I hope it makes them think!!!! I could be mad, and I know i am trying to save him, but I need to do something!!!


concerned mum
9 Apr 2014

Well done you!!! wish i could do the same problem I have is my son is very secretive this may sound bizarre but i have never met any of his mates ...he keeps everything password protected dont tell me friends names where they live nothing he is a nightmare he too is violent and verbally abusive when under the influence..Hope it works for you but sadly i dont think it will..they run in clicks and are very good at covering for each other..fingers crossed for you though x

9 Apr 2014

good on you Susie love, If just one of them takes notice of your words it will be worthwhile, the trouble is that youngsters think they are invincible and sadly by the time reality kicks in they are addicted, take care hunny keep strong, love Sue Xxxxx

9 Apr 2014

I know guys, I know that im deluding myself, but I just cant stand by......I know its his choice to take that rubbish, but I just cant think of anything else to do.....if ive got through to one of them then all good.......I do agree that they dont think its a problem.....even though they do it regularly.....oh and because they dont do heroin, they dont think its a problem..urgh!!!!

sad and tired
11 Apr 2014

I agree with you, I think they think its such a laugh to get wasted.  It really winds me up as I know my sons 'mates' encourage him, not that he needs a lot.  I wish I had to nerve to tell them all to p... off the way you did.  well done x

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