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UPDATE for all those with addicted children....

Posted by CANT TAKE NO MORE on 19 May 2014.

Well my son has had one hell of a week...... Went to get antibuse for my son and he was told as he doesnt drink or do drugs every day, this may not be what he needs (after speaking at length to another counsellor whoa greed prior to this) ANGRY is undermining how my son felt....BUT, WE ALL TRIED TO REMAIN POSITIVE... Wednesday court adjourned its been 3 times now his solicitor is pushing to get it thrown out.....Then Friday another counselling session privately.....I took him and waited for him.....he came out with red eyes and hugged the lady and went on to make another appointment.....He really is trying to pull it out the bag and I know how hard it is for him....He wouldnt talk about what was said,other than saying he has opened his soul to her and isnt ready to discuss anything until he is ready......The weekend has been ok..he went out Saturday with an old school friend..walk by the river, lunch and afew laughs....Did he drink??? YES, he had 2...Rome wasnt built in a day as they say..DID he do drugs?? NO, Emphatic reply!!!!   Back to court Wednesday AGAIN....What will be will be.....He knows we are here for him, and he knows this is the best chance he will get.....praying for all those addicts out there.....hugs to all you parents xxx


19 May 2014

Hi Susie, stay strong hun, glad your son is finally accepting help.. I know your in the background, waiting, wondering and you'll be scared every time he goes out. I think you're the one who needs a big hug off him!!! See my son once a week at the mo, he looks a hell of a lot better, gain 2 st in weight already.. prison food cant be that bad!!! I've  been thinking of Sue as well, hope she is ok!! either of you can contact me via e-mail on take care lv fiona xxx

19 May 2014

Hey Fiona.....lovely to hear that your son looks a whole lot better and has gained weight......I have been thinking of you alot....and your son...its amazing what they do when influenced by drugs..glad your seeing him, he is still your child at the end of the day...I know its no consolation but when my son was in YO, I could sleep at night cause I knew where he was......sending you massive hugs Fi, and Sue and everyone else who needs the support xxxx will e mail you too xxx

sad and tired
19 May 2014

That is sounding very promising, well done to you and your son, little steps but it all helps.  You need to be able to see improvements so that you can start to trust again, and that is

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