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What do i do??

Posted by Shellz on 17 July 2015.

It all started back last year when our home was destroyed by a flood. We were living in a hotel for months with our 2 children. It was the most stressful thing I had ever dealt with in my life. Every evening we were eating out as unable to cook meals. It was easy for my husband to order a drink with every meal. I have always been someone who doesn't drink to relax drinking at Christmas and birthdays only. So to start with he would say I was worry about nothing. Almost a year later we live in our new home he has lost his job and I often get home from work and he has already been drinking. He says that he is depressed and living with somone miserable like me is why he drinks. My husband has changed so much he is always tired moody and the debt we are in is getting higher and higher. He says the alcohol helps him forget. I love my husband so much and have begged him to stop drinking he managed a week about 2 months ago. But soon started drinking again. He says he still loves me but he won't stop drinking. In one breath he says its my fault then switches it around. Surely if he loved me he would want to stop drinking and support me and our children.


31 Jul 2015

I know what you mean it's always our fault and the hurtful things they say just keep coming. Although they say it they never mean it its just a way of dealing with their own anger. It's doesn't help much to know that as it still hurts but i'm sure he still loves you. We have been trying to get help for years but the doc's etc will only look at the drinking as the problem and not the depression that came first. Don't give up hope, our hope is all they have.

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