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Families UpFront

Adfam's quarterly magazine.

Families UpFront was Adfam's quarterly magazine from 2011-13. It was designed around the needs of professionals working with families affected by drug and alcohol use.

Families UpFront gave an overview of important policy developments and latest good practice news. Each issue had an 'In Focus' section on a key issue in family support, supporting practitioners to provide the best possible services for any family member affected by substance use in a variety of settings.

The magazine ceased production in Autumn 2013 but the archive is now available in full, online, free of charge. This is so the knowledge, learning and good practice can benefit as many practitioners as possible and help to improve services for families.

The In Focus sections are useful for anyone working in family support, and are as follows:

  1. Grandparent carers
  2. Working with men
  3. Criminal justice
  4. Outcomes and evidence in family support
  5. Tackling stigma
  6. The drug and alcohol workforce
  7. Primary care
  8. Legal highs and club drugs
  9. Parental substance use
  10. Residential rehab.


Click on the titles or images below to view PDFs of the magazine.

Issue 1: June - August 2011

Took an in-depth look at the experiences of grandparent carers and how to support them.

This issue contains contributions from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the British Association for Adoption and Fostering, Grandparents Plus, a family law solicitor and various direct service providers for families.

Issue 2: September - November 2011

Looked in detail at supporting an underrepresented group in family support - men affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use.

This issue contains contributions from the Fatherhood Institute, Phoenix Futures, Action on Addiction and Working with Men, as well as a father's own story.

Issue 3: December 2011 - February 2012

Focused on criminal justice concerns and supporting the families of offenders.

It contains contributions from Action for Prisoner's Families, Time for Families and Adfam's workers at HMP Peterborough and more.

Issue 4: March - May 2012

Had a special focus on the increasingly important area of outcome measurement in drugs, alcohol and family support services.

It contains contributions from local front-line services; an interview with New Philanthropy Capital on the rise of impact measurement in the third sector; information on a Social Return on Investment study of a family support provider; and much more.

Issue 5: June - August 2012

Had a special focus on stigma and how it impacts on families affected by drug and alcohol use.

As well as the usual summary of news, policy and good-practice, the magazine also contains features on austerity and the workforce; stigma, drugs and the media; a service user's experience of stigma and recovery; and an interview with Alcohol Concern on the social acceptance of alcohol use.

Issue 6: September - November 2012

Looked at the workforce delivering services for families affected by substance use.

Articles in this edition look at the role of Naloxone in reversing opioid overdoses, child poverty and substance use, how the drug and alcohol workforce has developed over time, the role of Recovery Champions in and outside the treatment system, the key elements of successful support work and more.

Issue 7: December 2012 - February 2013

Had a focus on primary care.

It contains features on Police and Crime Commissioners, the Government's approach to prisons policy and - as usual - an article from a local frontline service. Also interviews with practitioners including an Alcohol Liaison Nurse.

Issue 8: March - May 2013

Concentrated on club drugs, legal highs and the challenges posed to family support by changing patterns of substance use. Articles examine the growth of ketamine use, the Club Drug Clinic, drug and alcohol use in the LGBT community, volatile substance use and educational campaigns. There are also features on the impact of alcohol use on the family and the changing face of the evidence-base in family support.

Issue 9: June - August 2013

Had a special focus on parental substance use to mark the 10 year anniversary of the publication of Hidden Harm.

This issue contains articles on work with substance using mothers and babies; interventions for whole families; the impact of recovery on children; supporting substance using parents in mainstream services; and a discussion of Hidden Harm's legacy.

Issue 10: September - November 2013

Focused on residential rehab and its implications for family support.

It contains articles on quality assurance in residential services; families' expectations and realities of treatment; mother and baby rehab centres; the service user perspective on the impact of rehab on relationships; and an interview covering the challenges of working with both families and substance users.