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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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Grief is timeless

Posted by VicKie D on 4 March 2018.

My family and I are approaching FIFTEEN years since my brother passed away. Fifteen years of heartake for my parents, fifteen years of longing for their boy! Fifteen years of watching a million tears shed by our mother. Fifteen years of guilt, of despair and hurt. Fifteen years that seem like fifteen minutes, so vivid the memories of such an awful day. 
Our mother has never been the same, nor have I. My friends not understanding that the trauma of losing my only sibling has left me with PTSD. That every day since he died I have felt that half of me is gone, my first friend, my partner in crime, my best friend all rolled into one.  I am fed up with hearing 'get over it', move on, Judging me for missing him still. Tuesday will be the fifteenth anniversary of his death. I wish I could celebrate his life but instead, I will hear our mother cry and see the pain etched on her face.  Moving on feels like a betrayal of his memory and so I am stuck with no idea how o stop feeling so sad


15 Mar 2018

Sending you a big hug.  

I hope that between us all we can somehow put more pressure on the police/government to stop the drug dealers at source, but this doesn't help you and your family when you have lost someone that you love so much.

Stay strong.

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