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Gift Aid

The advantages of tax efficient giving

Charities are able to gain the tax back on donations they receive. In fact, Gift Aid tax relief means Adfam is able to gain an extra 28p for every pound you donate!

If you are a tax payer, then thanks to this Government scheme Adfam will be able to claim tax relief on the entire donation you make to us. All you need to do is complete the downloadable Gift Aid form and return it to us as soon as possible.

By ticking the Gift Aid box on our donations forms you will ensure that Adfam gains more from your donation.

Many people get confused as soon as the word ‘tax’ is mentioned – however it really is simple, especially if you donate to Adfam via your payroll. Below are some frequently asked questions to help you get your head around Gift Aid and whether you qualify.


  • What is Gift Aid?

    The scheme allows charities to reclaim the tax that donors have already paid on their donation. Therefore if you pay income or capital gains tax all donations you make to Adfam are eligible for Gift Aid; this includes donations made through standing orders and direct debits.

  • What is needed in order for Adfam to gain Gift Aid?

    If you are a UK tax payer (please check your pay slips to confirm), all Adfam needs is a declaration from you stating that you understand Gift Aid and have given permission for Adfam to reclaim the tax you have previously paid from the Inland Revenue.  

  • Can I authorise Gift Aid even though I’m a pensioner?

    You can still authorise Gift Aid if you are paying tax on a private pension plan for example. The amount of tax you have paid through the year must be enough to cover your donation.  

  • Can I authorise more than one charity to reclaim Gift Aid?

    There is no limit on the number of charities you can support through the Gift Aid scheme. Each charity will need to receive a separate declaration from you and you need to ensure that the amount of tax you pay covers your total annual donation.

  • Do I need to make a declaration with every donation?

    No, each charity you chose to support only needs one declaration. Once you have agreed, the charity will continue to reclaim the tax you have paid until you instruct them to do otherwise. If for any reason you decide to withdraw from Gift Aid, may be because you no longer pay enough tax, please ring Omar Amin on 020 7553 7640 or email the finance department to cancel your declaration.